How To Become A Bookkeeper

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Published: 30th January 2013
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It is mandatory that every business big or small to keep books by recording the transactions of the business by way of manual ledgers or computers. The keeper of books are called “Bookkeepers” and they are responsible for various tasks like handling payrolls, monitoring loans, preparing tax returns and keeping a track of the business to see that the business is making profit or loss. Bookkeeping was invented five hundred years ago by a Cistercian monk named Luca Pacioli whose system is being used worldwide even today making book keeping into an international profession. If you are systematic, committed and likes to see figures add up then you are the right person to go in for a bookkeeping career. How to Become a Bookkeeper and what are the qualifications required is something people are not aware of. Bookkeeping is growing profession and people from all age groups are becoming bookkeepers like fresher from college, part time workers, housewives, retired people and anybody who loves figures are becoming professional book keepers. It is a growing, demanding, challenging and above all rewarding job for men and women who want to take book keeping as a career.

We should follow certain basic steps before becoming a certified bookkeeper as follows.

Step 1: Before taking the plunge on How to Become a Bookkeeper it is better to research on the subject and study the local market and see how bookkeeping is done by them and the available job vacancies and the renumurations being given to existing books keepers.

Step 2: Complete a basic course on bookkeeping understanding the subject before applying for an accredited course which requires some commitment and knowledge.

Step 3: After doing the basic course try to get some work experience for about two years by doing part time or full time jobs for small companies so that you get field knowledge about bookkeeping and a combination of education and experience.

Step 4: Once you have fully understood the bookkeeping methods both theoretically and practically, apply for a recognized accredited course to become a Business Activity Statement (BAS) services agent. BAS services agent in bookkeeping informs the company about the liabilities, obligations and entitlements that arise or could arise and advice the company on the course of action to be taken and meet the commissioner of taxation on company’s behalf.

Step 5: Certificate IV in bookkeeping which is the recent development helps a bookkeeper to prove his skills and competence recognized within the education system. Once the certificate is obtained and combined with the experience you gained by working, you can apply for higher jobs in major companies which will give you confidence when talking to potential employers or clients. All bookkeeping Certificate courses should be done depending on the legislation of that particular area.

Step 6: Once settled down with a cozy job, you should start researching for different types of bookkeeping software’s available in the market like MYOB or QuickBooks. If you are familiar with any software it is better to stick to that as your specialty and follow the bookkeeping system being adopted by your employer.

Step 7: You should join a bookkeeping association or forum and keep yourself updated with the latest Bookkeeping Industry News and technologies. A good bookkeeper should be confident and should be accurate in what he says to his employers or clients so that your word will be binding as far as bookkeeping figures are concerned.

There is a general confusion about the profiles of a bookkeeper and an account, since both of them deals in numbers the confusion is justified. Bookkeeper can be called as the keepers of the purse, their job is to record the transactions and ensure that the figures are correct and accurate so that at the end of the month an accountant can prepare a financial statement. Accountants are the people who design the system for the book keeper to use so that he can prepare a financial statement as per the data provided by the bookkeeper. If the above steps on How to Become a Bookkeeper are followed systematically, everybody that has a genuine interest in bookkeeping can become a qualified and experienced bookkeeper who can work as part time or full time employ.

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